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"Leading with Data, Driven by Excellence, and Fueled by Customers."

Welcome to IQ Plus Analytics the premier destination for Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Reporting, and Process Improvement and Optimization Services.
As the Principal Consultant at IQ Plus, I bring two decades of experience in Improving and optimizing business processes, specializing in harnessing the power of data analytics, in combination with business process analysis techniques and methods like Six Sigma, Lean, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Root Cause Analysis and other synthetically derived business process analysis techniques to transform and elevate business processes.
Armed with a profound understanding of operational intricacies, data driven discovery analysis, my passion for the relentless pursuit of optimum operational efficiency and excellence, I am committed to streamlining processes, reducing waste, and enhancing overall productivity.
Please join me on a journey of continuous improvement where data-driven insights leveraging the right fit technologies, converge to pave the way for your organization's success in today's dynamic and ever-changing business landscape where the only constant guaranteed is Change.


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